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About Us

Our dreams. Our travels. Our world
It all started with our first travel to Australia. We got our minds blown by stunning landscapes, a wide variety of wildlife, lovely people and amazing cities. After this travel we promised ourselves to discover as much of the world as possible and try to capture all beautiful moments with our cameras.
We are Roy Langelaar & Wendy Meijer and love to share our exciting footage, travel itineraries and tips & tricks. We can offer great Drone shots and High Resolution pictures of nature & wildlife. Interested to use our content? Get in contact!



NU.NL - Dutch guy on top of Gran Paradiso 

Dutch news website made an publication of the drone shots Roy made while climbing the Gran Paradiso.


PRO SIEBEN - Das Plastik experiment

German TV provider Pro Sieben made and documentary about plastic waste while using our Drone shots.



PATHE - Fuck de Liefde

The drone shots we made in Curacao are featured in the Dutch movie Fuck de Liefde and where shown in Dutch cinemas.


RTL4 - News item Curacao

Our Drone shots from Curaçao where shown on national Television by RTL boulevard.


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